Workplace Violence Management

Workplace violence is a major concern for corporations, retail, and service industries, however few have designed programs to identify and mitigate the risks posed by current and former employees or by outside parties.  Violence is the leading cause of death to female workers and the number two cause of death for men.  Direct legal and medical costs total $250,000 per incident and the average settlement in a security liability case is $545,000 with the average verdict award at approximately $3.5 million.  Productivity can drop by as much as eighty percent and some businesses were forced to close.  Praetorian will design a comprehensive program that will help protect your employees and guests from these exposures.

Risk Identification

We can evaluate your current exposure to workplace violence and classify your risk according to OSHA guidelines.  This determines the type of program and the level of training they may require.

Policy and Procedure

The basis of any workplace violence program is a clear and concise policy coupled with procedures to ensure the effective and legal response that benefits both the company and its employees.  Praetorian will work with you to develop procedures that are tailored to your needs and that comply with California and Federal OSHA workplace violence guidelines.

Supervisory and Management Training

Praetorian's training programs will discuss the different types of workplace violence, outline how to recognize the potential for workplace violence and present legal pitfalls management must avoid when responding to potentially violent situations.  The extent of workplace violence, required elements of a program, hazard assessment, and record keeping are included.

Physical Security Assessment

Most often the biggest element missing in a workplace violence program is an assessment of the physical security and access control of the company's facility.  Praetorian's Certified Protection Professionals will recommend improvements designed to minimize the danger from violent acts.

Threat Assessment Team

Praetorian can set up and train your Threat Assessment Team to provide the framework to evaluate situations, manage the threat, and to develop strategies and actions to prevent injury to employees and guests.  Praetorian consultants sit on the Threat Assessment Teams of Fortune 500 companies.

Other Training and related programs include:


Employee Orientation

  Aggression Management
  Crisis Management
  Robbery Prevention and Response




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