Praetorian's training programs, presented in class room or seminar formats, are directed toward corporations, executives, individuals and special groups. Supervision and Management, Security and Safety Issues, Personal Protection, Workplace Violence and Disaster Preparedness are but a few of the topics we offer.



Our team of curriculum designers and subject matter experts produce professional, state of the art courses tailored to your specific needs. Utilizing a multimedia approach, information is delivered in a manner that aids comprehension and reduces the time required for presentation. Visual/video materials, case studies, and role playing are methods that may be employed.



To avoid the common mistake of presenting material that is irrelevant to the goals of the client, we can perform a needs assessment. This procedure allows our courses to be area, group, or risk specific. Coupled with the needs assessment, curricula are developed through the use of a process known as ASAP (Automatic Seminar Authoring Process). This development process ensures that each instructional element is directly linked to a task or skill. An integrated package of courseware, instructor guides, student materials, and consistent presentation is the result. With the exception of our established courses, our programs are not ‘off the shelf.’ ASAP, however, permits us to design courses and material on a modular basis.



Praetorian's consultants are experts at evaluating training content, relevance, instructor skills and methods, and on-the-job application of existing programs. All hold teaching credentials issued by the State Department of Education and lecture extensively on business management, supervision, and subjects related to their fields. Our high impact instructors are skilled in the principals of adult learning and apply that know-how to create effective learning environments.



Programs include:



Straight and Side Handle Baton, basic and advanced (note: License TIB 692 currently inactive);

Bomb Threat Search and Awareness;

Incident Command System;
Aggression Management for Security Officers;
Integrated Emergency Management;
Workplace Violence Threat Assessment;
Fire Prevention and Control;
Safety and OSHA Training;
Personal Protection;
Executive Protection;
Emergency Response and Preparedness;
Stress Management;
First Aid / CPR;
Security Awareness; Food Safety Awareness;
Report Writing;
Disaster Preparedness for Home and Office.
Additional Security Officer Subjects and Requirements



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