Crisis Management

Many business executives, Continuity Planners, and Security Directors incorrectly believe the term Crisis Management is synonymous with Business Continuity Planning or Kidnap / Ransom response.  There are important distinctions between the two.   Planners who miss these distinctions believe their plans will allow them to respond and recover from all major threats to the organization.  This mistake can cost the firm millions of dollars in lost market position, diminished reputation, and devaluation of the company.  Don't be caught in a crisis without a plan of action!  Our clients in the Food Service Industry and the Construction Industry have successfully used our plans when suddenly thrust into the spotlight of TV news reporters.

Crisis Management Planning

Crisis Management Planning for the Food Service Industry

Integration of Crisis Management Planning with Business Continuity Plans
Team Formation and Training
Foreseeability Risk Analysis
Kidnap & Ransom Prevention and Planning
Project Management (facilitation of relationships with Public Relations firms and on-camera training)
Crisis Resources




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