Selected Projects (Partial List)

Our consultants have successfully completed projects for:

Business Continuity / Business Impact

Security Consulting

     ABD Insurance and Financial Services

     Protein Design Labs (2 locations)

     Minet (5 locations)

     Symantec (7 Domestic / International locations)

     Informix Software (2 locations)

     Quickturn Design Systems (2 locations)

     Western Multiplex

     Adobe Systems

     Swett and Crawford (2 locations)

     Electronics for Imaging

     Network Appliance

     Inhale Therapeutic Systems

     Cannon Construction Company

     Cacheflow Systems

     JDR Microdevices

     Ross Systems

     Voysys, Inc.

     Cypress Semiconductor

     HGS, Inc.

     Portal Systems

     Herbalife International


     Pebble Beach Corporation

     Kendall - Jackson Wineries

     Dryers Ice Cream

     Supertec, Inc.

     Advanced Fiber Optics Products

     Novellus Systems


     GaSonics International

     MasPar Computer Systems

     MoSys Incorporated

     Network Equipment Technologies


     Reply Corporation

     Triad Systems

     Pioneer Electronics

     Visual Edge Technology

     Xylan Corporation

     Zacson Corporation

     Everex Systems

     Broderbund Software

     California Teachers Association

     City of Redding Water and Wastewater (Oscar-Larson)

     Buena Vista Water and Wastewater District (OL)

     Humboldt Regional Water District (Oscar-Larson)

Safety Consulting



     Diva TV

     Evergood Foods

     Nikon Semiconductor

     Covad Systems

     Navistar Transportation

     Green Team

     Liquid Audio

     Kosan Biosciences

     Neurex Corporation

     NexGen, Incorporated

     Semiconductor Systems, Inc.


     Our Med, Inc.

     Bi-Rite Foods


     Boole & Babbage

     CellNet Data Systems

     DCI Management Group

     Frank Edwards Company

     FWB, Incorporated

     American Drilling

     Doug Hodgston Trucking Co.

     Lee's Imperial Welding


     Warehouse Entertainment

     Oakville Foods

     Black Bear Security

     Nor-Cal Training Academy

     Top Gun of California

     Ambassador Security

     Biogenex Corporation

     Confidential Management Services

     Butler Construction

     Summerville Senior Living

     Tower Records

     Micro Power, Inc.

     Centerpoint Broadband Technologies

     US Lines

     Ricochet Networks

     Air Liquide

     Athena Biosystems

     Allied Management Resources

     American Productivity and Quality Center

     Zenith Insurance

     Wellington Management

     Western Area Power Administration

     Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation



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