Articles written by Gene Tucker for the Business Recovery Managers Association (BRMA) Newsletter.


These short articles were intended for members of BRMA and contain references to the Association , since the author served as an appointee on the Board of Directors as the Library Coordinator prior to becoming Program Director  The contents of these articles are not intended to cover all aspects of the topic.  We do hope they provide you with some useful information.  Some may be a bit dated.


Vet Care Presentation BRMA presentation for the Emergency Vet Care Conference (Gene and Rhonda's slides) April 22, 2004. File is Adobe Acrobat.

Guerrilla Tactics for Continuity Planners

What can you do when you have followed all the rules and still some managers don’t want to play? Put on your fatigues, stuff your Fedora with grass, and paint your face green; its time for some underhanded maneuvers.
Guerrilla Tactics, Second Wave I slowly find my way to the Finance department and with my teeth, tear the strips of yellow caution tape and nail it across their office doors.  I warned them this would happen six months ago.  But they will be ready; I used a few new tactics from the Guerrilla Fighter’s bag of tricks.
Crime and Disaster 'The first thing my wife did after the earthquake was to strap on her .38.'  This was a comment made by an employee at the conclusion of a tabletop exercise.  I thought better of asking if she wore her cowboy hat and just nodded in silence.

Personnel Recovery: Setting Up Day Care Facilities

After a regional disaster we can expect schools to be closed for a number of days to weeks depending on the scope of the event and the amount of damage to individual facilities. While the students may cheer, businesses that depend on the presence of key employees will have difficulty recovering if these employees must remain home to "baby-sit."

Astrology of Natural Disasters

The ability to predict the occurrence of natural disasters is probably the best tool planners can keep in their kit, packed neatly next to their backup software, RAID drives, and airline tickets to an alternate site.
Bomb Incident Management In our rush to protect against 'new' forms of attack since September 11,  have not done a better job of preparing for the conventional-the simple, tried and true tool of both domestic and international terrorism:  bombings.
Incident Command System Because of the growing interdependency between the response organization of industry, business and governmental agencies, the use of the Incident Command System by business and industry is unavoidable.
Don't Wing It! Are critical parts for your just-in-time inventory en-route from your sole source supplier in Taiwan?  If you planning involves going to, or getting something from a Bay Area airport, you may be interested in the ABAG workshop 'Don't Wing It!"
Network Security Basics: Physical Security It makes little sense to invest thousands of dollars in firewalls and intrusion detection software someone can simply walk out the door with your server.  The understanding of how to protect your data begins with the basics of physical security.
Dealing With the News Media Most of the crisis management / public relations disasters result from a firm's inability to communicate effectively with the media rather than from the incident that propelled them to public scrutiny.


Articles written by Gene Tucker for the BioTech News, Garage.com and other useful information.


Protecting Your Intellectual Property 'Bank Employee Walks Out Door With $1.5 Million Dollars.'  We devote huge resources to protect relatively small amounts of assets in our local banks.  However, the company jewels are often given away by well meaning employees.
Evacuation Planning The following information should assist you in developing evacuation plans and procedures for your firm.  Evacuation planning should be integrated with any emergency response organizations currently in place.
Toll Fraud Program Toll fraud, like other corporate crimes, causes a high loss to companies through both direct and indirect costs.  These steps outline some minimum elements a company may use to design a toll fraud security program.  Toll fraud warning signs.
Safety Tips for Travelers The following safety tips are common sense suggestions for travelers when visiting foreign cities.  When traveling abroad, stay on the ‘main drag’ and avoid dangerous areas. Sightsee with your business associates and don’t do anything to draw attention to yourself.
Basic Password Security Very basic password protection advise.
Internal Theft Prevention Internal theft tends to grow with the company if effective steps are not taken as early as possible.  These recommendations should help to prevent losses through internal theft.  The company should choose those solutions that match the seriousness of the problem.



Risk Analysis and the Security Survey, co-authored by Gene Tucker, is a major publication / textbook used internationally and is part of the ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Exam Reference List. Described as the book that "sets the standard in the security industry," it contains chapters on Risk Analysis, Crisis Management, Crime Prediction, Emrgency Management and Response, Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity Planning. It was recently translated into Chinese.





Business Continuity from Preparedness to Recovery: A Standards-Based Approach details the process for building organizational resiliency and managing Emergency and Business Continuity programs. One of the few publications to describe the entire process of business continuity planning from emergency plan to recovery, Business Continuity from Preparedness to Recovery addresses the impact of the new ASIS, NFPA, and ISO standards. Introducing the important elements of business functions and showing how their operations are maintained throughout a crisis situation, it thoroughly describes the process of developing a mitigation, prevention, response, and continuity Management System according to the standards.



Volume 3 of the ASIS Security Business Practices Reference contains material contributed by Gene Tucker.


TThe Encyclopedia of Security Management also containes mater ial contributed by Gene Tucker.



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